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Lemon & verbena. watercolor clipart by LABFcreations on Creative Market

Lemon & verbena. watercolor clipart

watercolor clipart by LABFcreations on Creative Market

Blues Pills, Blue Pills****: This was an unexpected delight. As with much of the music I pin to this board, I've never heard this one before, and I had no idea the singer was female. That's a plus in my book. I've always loved the sound of the female blues voice, and Elin Lasson has one hell of a blues voice. And the real kicker, this southern, stoner, blues, rock album is from a Swedish band. The world has definitely gotten smaller. 12/2/14

Blues Pills – Blues Pills Album Review by Dave Smiles

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Rakshas by GaudiBuendia.  A demon or unrighteous spirit in Hinduism that feeds on human flesh, sleep on a bed of dead insects. Shapechangers  magicians, appear in the forms of humans, dogs, and large birds. They can make themselves invisible and can not enter a home without being invited. According to the Ramayana, an ancient Sanskrit epic, they were created from the Foot of Brahma, the Hindu God of Creation.

Fantasy Illustrations by Alexandra Khitrova. Reminds me of Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess with a lioness head. Sekhmet was a warrior goddess, and fiercely protected the pharaoh.

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Moon Phases Meanings Infographic: A Beginner’s Framework for Following Lunar Rhythms

"The lunar cycle is made up of several distinct phases, all of which have associations with different states of being.

Love this. Reminds me a little bit of Journey.   iseesigils: Marianna Stelmach

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