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Although it's safe to say that some video editing was involved in the making of this clip, you have to admit that the footage itself is still impressive! An apparent "UFO" flying with military airc...

The Billy Meier Experience - Collection of Billy Meier photos and videos

Two ufo's are actually caught on home video over pheonix. One appears to be either a very large disc or many small orbs aligned together. This was extraordinary footage!

An infrared video from a Homeland Security helicopter shows a UFO over Puerto Rico. That and other space and UFO news on this episode of Spacing Out!

FBI Memo Confirms UFOs in Roswell | The Crypto CrewCould this be another smoking gun in the Roswell Crash? #UFO

Με το δάχτυλο στη σκανδάλη των πυρηνικών ο Πούτιν

Portal Seen over CERN is a CGI Hoax: 100% Proof in this Video - YouTube (4:13) Uploaded January 5th 2016