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but then i think about writing and i think about the length of a story. and about how this one's just a little bit longer than others. and i wrap myself up in that notion and keep going. because you have to. you simply have to keep going.

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This is YOU, for me. TRUTH! This is perfect just like you...omg.You have helped me grow, you make me always strive to be a better person, to remain above my problems and above people that aren't worth lowering my standards. You adore me and hold my hand and an ordinary day with you is a perfect day to me.

The distance is nothing compared to our love. As we breath it deepens as we see it sparkles and as we feel it strengthens. It is a never ending love that transcends. Please give me a sign that you know my thoughts and you can hear my words.

Inside those horribly deep crevices Victor hid kisses and secrets and lamentations and wishes... /Please get better. Please eat something tomorrow. Please love me. Please let me love you./