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A polar bear travels submerged under water - a tactic often employed to surprise prey. As part of a fragile Arctic ecosystem, the bears are threatened by the recent dramatic reduction in ice cover. Sea ice - frozen seawater that moves with the ocean currents - provides an important habitat and resting place for many animals. The Artic ice cover reached a record low in 2007. Many attribute this situation to global warming.

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PICTURED: Polar bears floating past the Houses of Parliament

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Photo Of The Day: An Emaciated Polar Bear Reveals Its Species’ Grim Future

Many people want to eat more and more when there are people who eat millions of food every day. Why is there people who get over fed when there are some creatures like the polar bears who are starting to starve.

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A Definitive Ranking Of The Cutest Baby Animals

Baby Arctic fox are one of the predators of the Arctic but eat small animals. They hide in the snow while in danger.

Penguins shake off water after a swim, which completes the rinsing process and helps re-waterproof their plumage. An oil spill following the sinking of the MV Treasure off Cape Town threatened colonies of African penguins, an endangered species. Over 40 per cent of the African penguin population lives on nearby Robben and Dassen islands. Around 12,000 volunteers from across the world joined in a rescue mission. By the end of the operation, nearly all the affected birds had been returned to…

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Body Clock of Arctic Reindeer Ticks Differently

Reindeer are adapted to the chilly climes of the Arctic tundra, including Scandinavia . As they sport hollow hairs that air and act as insulation.

With ivory tusks up to 8 feet long, a pod of male narwhals, known to some as unicorns of the sea, breath before heading back under the ice to gorge on polar cod. Algae and plankton grow on the underside of the sea ice, copepods and amphipods feed on the plankton, cod feed on the amphipods, narwhals feed on the cod and polar bears occasionally feed on narwhals. So goes the cycle of life in the Arctic.


Future Arctic: Field Notes from a World on the Edge (Hardcover)