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Activity 1: dancing powders -acids,bases, and chemical reactions Activity 2: Color changing liquids -acids, bases, and neutrals Activity 3: acid or base? Activity 4: colorful jiggly crystals Activity 5: test tube sunset -acids and bases mixing Activity 6: giant jiggly crystals Activity 7: Color changing volcano Activity 8: underwater volcano Activity 9: Color changing paper Activity 10: Color changing grapes Activity 11: Magic ooooze -Solid and liquid Activity 12: mix colors with your eyes

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This is the stuff I really dig. I'm a dude that likes chicks. only. I don't own any of these pictures, videos or gifs. Follow, like, submit and if you want a theme-post just ask & I'll try it!! Enjoy!

Welcome! Most of the photos here are intended for adult audiences (NSFW-please do not follow if you are under age They have been collected from around the Internet and from my fellow Tumblr enthusiasts, so feel free to reblog if they pique your...

only! (NSFW) Please do not follow this blog if you are not of legal age. I am a straight male in my mid posting images of women and couples that I find erotic and sexy. DISCLAIMER: All images...