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~"Somewhere tonight, on a winding road, is an empty heart with a heavy load, looking for a way to a better life. Let YOUR LOVE REACH OUT somewhere tonight." If you were this person, won't you hope and pray that someone helps you? Let's open our hearts to them.

Yeah, this is deeply disturbing! whoa! Image Prompt: Ominous writings on the tunnel wall of an abandoned mental institution.

Why the 'Homeless Spikes' Deserve the Turner Prize

"On one level, as so much twitter outrage has pointed out, these spikes symbolise the transformation of the homeless into a form of vermin. But their artistic resonance goes further than that. These spikes beautifully encapsulate the essential concerns of a society that has abandoned any pretence of social justice, fairness and equality, even to the point of refusing to ensure what ought to be the essential component of any civilised society - a home for all its citizens."

Abandoned Mansion in Auvergne, France

I like abandoned buildings because they show the persistence of nature. Humans build out of arrogance, grand building to show their greatness. Nature just waits. When they fall nature just continues on indifferent. Like the race of the tortoise and the hare.