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Never forget to find beauty in the little things and fall in love with wonderful people, places, things and moments. <3

Photo (The Good Vibe)

Just because I didn't react, doesn't mean I didn't notice ... nor does it mean that I will not remember. I make mental notes of some things, which are rarely shared.i will remember what you said about me because I will remember that you didn't apologize.

Are you a determined woman? ✔ Are you determined to make things better for you and your family? ✔ Being determined to change how or your surroundings is the next step after being focus. To be the determined individual you need/want to be is all up to you.

Photo (The Good Vibe)

HAH how crazy I think I am sometimes is like uncanny....but then I remember I'm doing what The Lord has asked me to do & that IS pretty crazy sometimes, even to me...not bc it's weird, but it always seems impossible & He goes and makes it possible..

Photo (Sunday Evenings.)

So that latest relapse, I was shallow as well, cheating on the man I was with. Things got real too fast, I knew he would mess up somehow, I prepared to by keeping multiple guys on the side hoping I wouldn't feel it but it still hurt to hear I'm ugly.

Reminds me of my sweet friend who often says, 'Do the last thing God told you to (not 20 yrs ago); then do the next thing (not what He plans for you to do in the future; and just keep moving forward (in step) with The Savior.' {loose paraphrase} Thanks M.

It will never matter how fast or slow you are going through life and all it has to offer, just as long as you never stop. All pictures and posts belong to their rightful owners, if you would like me to take them down please message me!

Texas A&M grad; new nurse, trying to balance a love for fashion with the reality of wearing scrubs to work; obsessed with Fightin' Texas Aggie football; happy; blessed beyond measure; conservative; and most importantly, A Jesus loving, Christian Girl!

Yup, I know you guys still talk and I was just a love toy for you, and thought we were going to stick together no matter what. But I was proven wrong. So I'm letting go and hoping you don't treat him this way. Cause it's hard to go through let alone twice