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title pending march 2014 by CSImadmax.deviantart.com on @deviantART

I already got 3 pet rocks and one bismuth pet (so edgy), they are better than cats because you can actually use them to fight other cats.

Cushion cover Fluttershy MLPFiM Handmade by NaturelandsAndCo, $25.00

MLP: Mane 6 Cushion Cover on Etsy. It's not available anymore for purchase but I'm sure if you really wanted one you could do custom order. Think a cushion cover is cute? Or just a waste of money?

kawaii-mlp-fim-my-little-pony-rainbow-dash-toy-Favim.com-360707.jpg 600×447 pixels

Inspiring image kawaii, mlp- fim, my little pony, rainbow dash, toy - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

The female point of view... (Kobiecy punkt widzenia...)

How I See My Life vs. How My Girl Sees It in 12 Pictures

How I See My Life vs. How My Girl Sees It in 12 Pictures (*the difference is that I don't need to shave)

Top Reasons I'm Excited For MLP:FiM Season 4

Top Reasons I'm Excited For MLP:FiM Season 4

My Little Brony - Friendship is Magic - my little pony, friendship is magic, brony - Cheezburger

Who will win this race?

Lighting dust and rainbow dash racing at the wonderbolts academy

The final Agni-Kai aftermath. by ~GennadyKalugina on deviantART

The final Agni Kai after math; My little pony spin off ending

its iron pony. I hope he saves the day today-oh no-im falling-falling-falling-iron ponyyyyy!-oh, thanks-PINKEMENA DIANE PIE

Iron Man + My Little Pony = Iron Pony. Customized by trillions on deviantart. comicbooks: “Pony Stark, in the guise of his alter ego, Iron Pony by Clara ”

Mi Amore Cadenza by Sanraia.deviantart.com on @deviantART

You guise. The cutie mark is also a vector.