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More Proof Don Lemon Is An Asshole, CNN Host Says 'We Need To Know More' Before Judging School Cop Who Manhandled Teen Girl - Clutch Magazine

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The 33 Realest Tumblr Posts About Being A Person Of Color

Play the Stereotype Game. Tape a race, gender, sexual orientation or level of wealth to each students' forehead. Have them go around and the other students treat them like they are that person. stereotyping them. For example, if they are Asian ask if they own a nail salon. Each student has to guess what they are. Great intro for talking about stereotypes and how to avoid them.

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Racism in the classroom: When even our names are not our own

Racism in the classroom: When even our names are not our own As a minority student, I've learned racism doesn't end in higher ed. And sometimes even our names are judged

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I Thought My Ivy League Degrees Would Protect Me From Bigotry. I Was Wrong.

Recently, the wife of a prominent Boston businessman -- one of my many wealthy, white patients at Massachusetts General Hospital -- greeted me this way: ...

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College Sends Rape Victim To Psych Ward While Offender Walks Free

Amherst and Vanderbilt accused of botching sexual assault complaints. One women was sent to a psychiatric ward!