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from Being Genevieve

Magical Mickey

Magical Mickey | Being Genevieve Step-by-step tutorial on how to create this cute disney nail art design. Come see how to make the Mickey silhouette sparkle. . .

Mickey Mouse nails - nice and simple

I'm going to try to make some of these!! Disney cupcakes @Ring Around by Rosie Babikan, @Mary Babikan Onstad, @Jennifer Kricken, @Julie Babikan

I'm in love with all the Disney nails there is!

DIY Hollow String Disney Ornaments Need: Liquid Starch, String, Balloons, Glitter(if wanted), a Bow and buttons(if wanted) What to do: Blow up your balloons. Cut string about 2-3 feet long, then dip them in your bowl full of liquid starch. Wrap, and Wrap, and Wrap until theres only little openings. Take a brush and apply another layer of liquid starch, then Glitter and hang dry. Pop the balloons in the middle once its all the way dry and Voila! Fun but time consuming and hard for kids

Love the look of this. Would like to try with a different design.

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Mickey Nail Designs You Must Love

Do you still remember the lovely Mickey Mouse which is your company in your childhood? Mickey Mouse leaves print foots in our memory as well as our early years. It is so cute that it becomes a fashion element as well. Many girls begin to make a Mickey Nails to show their manicure. If you[Read the Rest]

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Nails Ideas for Disneyland!

Disney Nails

OMG like seriously?!?! this is so cute!!! and speaking as i am about to start packing for disney as we leave this Wednesday, i might just go get these done somewhere!! <3