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Starseeds and Our Human Origins

a sky full of stars

Abell 2052: A Galaxy Cluster Gets Sloshed The hot gas in the galaxy cluster Abell 2052 is being sloshed back and forth like wine in a glass. The sloshing was set in motion when a small cluster smashed into the larger central one.  The large spiral structure on the outside of the image was also caused by that off center collision. Sloshing of hot gas like this can affect how the giant elliptical galaxy and its supermassive black hole at the center grow.

Like wine in a glass, vast clouds of hot gas are "sloshing" back and forth in Abell a galaxy cluster located about 480 million light years from Earth. X-ray data (blue) shows hot gas, and optical data (gold) shows galaxies.


“The galactic rose. UGC 1810 (bud) is tugging and stretching UGC 1813 (stem) via it's dominant gravitational pull.

Jednoduché tajemství šťastného vztahu

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And the moon left the sea in tides when it created them.

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Image result for black hole

El universo es infinito DOCUMENTAL El universo Espacio infinito el docum...

NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day on August 2014 was a picture titled Hadeon Earth. It is a picture of what the planet Earth allegedly looked like four billion years ago.

10 wonder of the universe.

10 Wonders Of The Universe What's the biggest thing in the universe? Find out here, along with 9 other incredible astronomical wonders.

Spiral galaxy ESO 137-001, about 100,000 light years across and about 220 million light years away, lies in the constellation Norma. - Credit: NASA, ESA, & the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Galaxy cluster Abell 3627 is ripping spiral galaxy ESO entrails out into space, leaving bright blue streaks. - By Hubble ESA, Garching, Germany