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Garnet birthstone by Shiitake. "Because garnet offers dazzling colors like red in the center, yellow and green, I chose to associate the image of a red flower. As this is my birthstone, I wanted to soften the atmosphere as much as possible."

Birthstone fairy princess by manga artist Shiitake.

shiitake Gensodo newest work. ♡♥♡♥♡

Opal birthstone by Shiitake. "Opal is a gemstone composed of a large variety of colors. This time, I wanted to draw a black opal. The main character has a relaxed attitude, and I decided to dress her like a peacock."

kaguyahime - Google zoeken

Sapphire birthstone by Shiitake. "The image of the sapphire stone as noble being strong, I drew a religious with white lilies.The final version has differences with the original sketch, but it is closer to the image I wanted to give her. "

Topaz by Shiitake. "I hesitated for a while on the atmosphere and the construction of this artwork dedicated to November's birthstone, but I finally decided ! Like the Diamond Princess, I draw this character as a fairy. One day, I will draw a Blue Topaz Princess !"

Emerald Gemstone embodied in a fairy of wild roses by Japanese artist Shiitake.

Ruby by Shiitake. "The red of the crown and the overcoat serve as a reminder of the ruby's color. Ruby belongs to the same category of sapphire, so I drew them both grandiose. I would like one day to draw the stone that looks very similar, the spinel."

Diamond Gemstone embodied in spirit with maiden appearance by Shiitake. "Diamond is an illustration that took me a lot of time.I wanted to procure the appearance of a spirit, more than any other Birthstones, so I altered parts of her body. The dominant hues are transparency and the 7 colors."