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Once Sue Hotchkis 2012 .. Sue Hotchkis interview: Working intuitively

Using a combination of free motion machine embroidery and print, textile artist Sue Hotchkis created this unique piece of work.

Sue Hotchkis Unseen Beauty Detail Sue Hotchkis interview: Working intuitively


October Deck Of The Month - The Halloween Tarot

Interview your new tarot Deck

from Cinnabarys

5 methods to selecting your crystals and gemstones

White – purity, cleansing, charges/cleanses other stones, healing Black – protection, absorbs negative energy, psychic, reveals hidden power Yellow/Orange – financial, abundance. More Orange? Sexual Energy. Red – Protection (as in Jasper), Earth and Fire Energy Pink – heart, love, Healer of the Heart Blue – Soothing, Stress reliever, Healer of the Mind Purple – third eye, intuitive, psychic Green – luck, abundance, fertility, often related to money concerns

Hello I Am Your New Tarot Deck Spread.Edit: Last card position should be THREE not Four. OOPS! lol

Marcel Duchamp 1968 BBC interview

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Modern Marketing Conception - iNFOGRAPHiCs MANiA

Modern Marketing Conception: This infographic illustrates the sensitive balance of modern marketing as a process between artistic and scientific approach. Sometimes it's just a matter of creativity, intuition or even taste, some other it's more in strategy, tactics or data analysis. But at the end it tends to be a mix of both.