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Intuitive Reminders : Trust your gut. Recently I watched an interview with Marie Forleo and her advice for someone starting up their business is to always "to trust your gut". I think our Intuition will always lead us toward the things that deeply moves us and it has played a big role in everything I have done in creating a business I love. How has it helped you? @jasminedowling #intuitivereminders

Katherine Chang Liu uses both intuitive and analytical thinking to create abstract mixed-media collages that revolve around a single word or thought.

“Part of the modern ideology of love is to assume that love and sex always go together… And probably the greatest problem for human beings is that they just don’t.”

The employees for many companies often review their employers online. Read through some of their reviews but do not take them as fact. Your search for information may bring about intuitive questions regarding the company culture that can be asked during your interview. For more information, tips and to get started on your career search, visit www.ABBTECH.com #interview #hireme #InterviewTips #hiring #jobsearch #jobseekers #prepared #job #career #recruitment #flexible #humanresources…

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