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ModTone Guitar Effects Mini Mod Series MTM-FL Mini Flanger Bass Flanger Effect Pedal by ModTone Guitar Effects. $35.66. Save 55%!

Darkglass Vintage Deluxe Guitar Effects Pedal

Darkglass Microtubes B7K Guitar Effects Pedal

Behringer HF300 Hi Band Flanger Ultimate High-Band Flanger Effects Pedal by Behringer. $28.94. BEHRINGER HI BAND FLANGER HF300 Ultimate High-Band Flanger Effects Pedal Experience a complete new flanging sound that takes your guitar and keyboard to a new level This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market Different from conventional flangers, the HF300 flanges one octave higher creating a much brighter and cleaner sou...

PedalsPlus Effects Warehouse - Guitar Effects Pedals, Pedal Boards, Boutique Amplifiers, Cables, and Guitar Accessories.

Danelectro DJ-10C Grilled Cheese Distortion Mini Effects Pedal by Danelectro. $29.99. Danelectro Mini Effects Grilled Cheese Distortion Effect Pedal

I hate that Noisemaker Effects are so cheap compared to other guitar pedals... Noisemaker Effects Noise Invaders Fuzz Pedal by NoisemakerEffects, $70.00