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LG debuted its Music Flow series of wireless speakers last summer, offering a range of speakers targeted squarely at competitor Sonos' products. More rec

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days, so new products need an extra bit of zing to make an impression on us. Or, in the case of the Philips F.

The last smartphone to feature an optical zoom camera was Samsung's Galaxy K Zoom, but we didn't like it -- no thanks to its inconsistent camera performa

What if the portable speaker that provides your campsite with tunes could do multiple things? | #camping #speakers #CES2015

At every CES, Lenovo has a habit of teasing us with a bunch of phones that they explicitly say won't be sold on US soil, so of course, there are more for

Cool Wearables - Not surprisingly, the Internet of Things is making a big splash here at CES 2015. As part of that push, BeeWi, a company better known for making various wireless products, is showing off its home automation platform at a pre-CES event in Las Vegas. #thatseasier #wearables #cool

These models are some of the first (reasonably) portable drives to carry 3TB. | #storage #harddrive #Toshiba #CES2015 #Canvio

Samsung announces a curved-screen all-in-one and its thinnest laptop yet....We hope you like super skinny laptops, because you're going to be seeing a hell of a lot more of them in 2015. Samsung just took the veil off its new ATI

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