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To the Native American the mandala symbolizes the shield of good luck. With this shield it is believed the gods would protect them. By having one in their home, it would bring them prosperity, good health, and happiness. To some tribes a mandella was considered a shield. It was a prized possession of the plains Indians with each area having a specific meaning.

Buddhist Monks make these meticulous sand mandalas, only to sweep them away. Showing that nothing is permanent.

Cassie Stephens: In the Art Room: Ming Vase Still Life with Third Grade

Well, after taking a two week hiatus to create our Chinese-inspired clay dragons (which I'll share with ya as soon as those bad boys are .

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Burlap Sewing:  Suffield Elementary Art Blog!: 3rd Grade Sewn Initials

The third graders at Suffield enjoyed learning simple sewing techniques and creating some fiber art. They sewed initials from their.

paper plate art lesson 4th, 5th grade by justine

Has a helpful poem for what to paint on the willow plate! My Adventures In Positive Space: Blue Willow Plates in Tempera

Chinese Willow plates + many more ideas for China unit. culture

Use Your Coloured Pencils: Grade Blue Willow Patterned Paper Plates (China)- There is a great book to go with this project. It is The Willow Pattern Story by Alan Drummond.