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Chronic Kidney Disease in Dogs and Cats Infographic. CKD has gone up over the past 7 years according to this study.

Should I Cut or Shave my Dog’s Hair in Summer? The simple answer is “no”. Cutting your dog’s hair could result in serious injury or even death.

Abyssinian, although they really come from Nepal and northern India. Beautiful and smart. This could be Assassin. * * " I'VE GOTZ DE NAME AND ADDRESS. NOWZ I NEED A PHOTO."

Forever Aloe MPD, A fantastic product, last for ages kind to your environment, skin and animals, and also your budget no need for all those other cleaning products.

Tired of seeing infographs of foods your dog can't eat? Here is a nifty printable infograph of some awesome foods found in your refrigerator that they CAN eat! :D Rodney Habib - Pet Nutrition Blogger