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Esta serie se fundamente sobre la observación y revalorización de la gente marginal.

PURPLE-STRIPED JELLY (Chrysaora colorata, formerly Pelagia colorata): (Juvenile) a species of jellyfish that exists primarily off the coast of California in Monterey Bay. The bell (body) can grow up to 3 feet, w/a radial pattern of stripes. The tentacles vary with the age of the individual, consisting typically of eight marginal long dark arms, and four central frilly oral arms. Its stinging tentacles are used to bring in mainly small prey, including zooplankton, larval fish, & fish eggs.

Gorleston Psalter - 123r: detail of a marginal creature pulling a face.....notice position is that of the tarot hanging man

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35 Giant Balloon Wedding Ideas For Your Big Day

35 Giant Balloon Wedding Ideas For Your Big Day |


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- from the Luttrell Psalter, anonymous medieval manuscript known for its scenes of daily life and otherworldly beings.

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chadwick tyleR. fraGilidad tuRbadoRa

by diane arbus #photography #portrait

'Judith Scott: Bound and Unbound' at the Brooklyn Museum

Detail of miniatures of cats catching mice, mice stealing eucharistic wafers, and (below), an ancestor of Keyboard Cat: a later marginal doodle of a cat playing a stringed instrument; from a bestiary, England (Salisbury?), 2nd quarter of the 13th century, Harley MS 4751, f. 30v.