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Symmetry and order from the lines and window, with the suggested subject of a palm inserted through the use of its silhouette - genius shot!

"Try to remember the kind of September When life was slow and oh so mellow Try to remember the kind of September When grass was green and grain so yellow." - Try to Remember, Lyrics by Tom Jones and Harvey Schmidt

P by Santiago Orjuela Laverde, via Flickr Swimming in The Sea beautiful Ocean Picture Blue Color summer feeling for mood Board style

When the wolf doesn't know who she is and the girl thinks she's the wolf the world turns upside down

trapped! im trapped in the most rediculous way and the way to fix it is so simple, yet, i cant find the willpower to pull my arms out

Love these wood ends... beautiful. Dynamic, hilarious, delivery, humor, familiarity, taking it easy, playful

from Foursquare

Hotel Saint Cecilia



An entry from l'enfer, c'est les autres

Who will sit across from me? Love on trains

Dive In. The Fifth Watches // Minimal meets classic design: