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So true... Viktor and Yuuri have basically adopted Yurio and it's adorable ^_^

Dude, same though. If they don't get together, I don't know what I'd do...

#yaoi is love >///< Animes: Free(top) and Yuri on Ice(below). Yuri on ice is a new anime that will premiere on October 2016.

but yang isn't summer's daughter and they weren't both around by the time she was born aHHH HECK WITH INACCURACIES THIS IS HILARIOUS

i don't even watch anime but this is hilarious

ME.<<< and he's a hufflepuff so.. very proud to have someone to show to people who think hufflepuffs don't do anything.. along with nymphadora tonks..

To those who don't believe it's a kiss #Yuri!! On Ice #Victuri