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Set of 5 Bridesmaid Eternity Necklaces, Gold Initial Necklace with Gold Ring, Personalized Eternity Circle 119.00

Set of 5 Vintage Style Bridesmaid Initial Necklaces, Personalized Bridesmaid Necklaces, Bridesmaid Gift Necklace

Gold Bridesmaid Necklace, Set of 5, Bridesmaid Gift, Personalized Birthstone Necklace - Crystal & Initial

Set of 4 Vintage Style Bridesmaid Initial Necklaces, Four Personalized Bridesmaid Necklaces, Bridesmaid Necklace Gift $98.60 set

5 Sterling Silver Anchor Necklaces, Bridesmaid Necklace Set, Beach Bridesmaid Gift, Summer Wedding Jewelry, Nautical

Bridesmaid Paisley Necklace, Pearl Bridesmaid Jewelry Gift, Personalized Silver Bridesmaid Necklace

Personalized Bridesmaid Necklace with Gold Leaf- Set of 4 Bridesmaid Necklace Gift, Vertical Silver Bar, Sterling & 14k Gold Filled

6 Sideways Initial Heart Necklaces, Custom Bridesmaid Gift, Personalized Bridesmaid Heart Necklace Set of 6, Rustic