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Drops phone on face while lying down squad

we pisces women are not to be trifled with

Pisces women refuse to be limited or restricted by anyone or anything that might restrain their freedom of expression

This hits the nail on the head! Hates deadlines, insensitive people, being rushed & math!

What does a pisces hate? They're pretty much all right, except I don't hate math.

Yes, totally!!! Why can't my husband just know this about me without me telling him!!?

A Pisces wants to be romanced with simple things and thoughtful surprises.

Isn't this the truth. I'm always saying the same thing to my daughter and as soon as she sees it, she understands it.

The ultimate truth of the Pisces core. In general, a Pisces will not play around with their feelings so it's safe to bet that they we won't play around with yours.