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Cones and candies.

Instead of gingerbread houses Turn ice cream cones into christmas trees & decorate. Now I just have to find gluten free ice cream cones.

frosted Christmas trees made from upside down ice cream cones

This is what we will be doing for our holiday party tomorrow! frosted Christmas trees made from upside down ice cream cones

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree Craft. Place all items in a bowl, give a dixie cup of frosting and knife to each kid and let them decorate

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree Craft, much cleaner than I've done before. Place all items in a bowl, give a dixie cup of frosting and knife to each kid and let them decorate

Use some of these fantastic Christmas activities and crafts in your kindergarten classroom's Christmas celebration!

A Kinder-Craze Christmas Party

Class Party: clear plastic cups and lids to display and transport frosted Christmas trees.

To do with kids: make gingerbread trees out of ice cream cones

Make Gingerbread trees out of ice cream cones Betsy - My kids/grandkids make gingerbread houses every year.I'm adding ice cream cones to my decorations list.

Ice Cream Ornaments: Hang on to this holiday recipe. Peanut butter cups, rainbow sprinkles, red licorice & Breyers French Vanilla Ice Cream.

Christmas Ice Cream Ornaments- no recipe.just image to decorate ice cream balls.

edible Christmas trees

Bacon And Egg Muffin Cups Recipe Video

25 days of Christmas crafts Upside-down ice cream cones as Christmas trees. What a neat thing for little kids to create! Great idea also for teachers/students.

Santa Cocoa Fill the pointed end of a disposable icing bag with crushed peppermints. Add some mini marshmallows followed by hot cocoa mix then lots more mini marshmallows at the larger end. Place a plastic spoon in the bag for stirring.  Twist the end and close tightly with a twist tie covered by a holiday ribbon bow.  Be sure to pack ingredients fairly tightly.

Santa Cocoa Mix - Clear cake decorating bags filled with peppermint chips, hot chocolate mix & marshmallows. Insert a spoon dipped in chocolate for stirring then tie the bag. Glue a white pom pom, wiggle eyes, felt nose and mouth & with a cotton mustache.

Decorated Pretzel Cabins.  The kids would enjoy these.   For edible creations; melt white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate on wax paper then add the logs.

how stinking cute is this - a house, barn and dog house made from pretzels Worth Pinning: Decorated Pretzel Cabins

Thumb print artwork- use all the boys prints  You light Up my Life!

Beneath the Rowan Tree: Christmas Card :: Thumb Print String of Lights Definitely going to get some IKEA frames and have my students make these for their parents as a gift this holiday season!

Weed cake frosting


Christmas tree cupcakes made with ice cream cones!Two of my boys fave things, cake and ice cream cone's.great Idea for our decorating night :)

Christmas Treats for School | The Light of the World

The Light of the World

Merry Christmas

It's that time of year again to watch these motherfuckers save christmas. Rudolph the red nosed reindeer is a must watch for me every year along with a few other christmas classic stop motion films.