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merder This thing has been so intense between then; Rhimes has done a great job of keeping these two working at a real commitment! Excellent actors!

from Deadline

Patrick Dempsey & Ellen Pompeo Sign New Deals To Return To ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Even though Dr McD signed his contract, and has 1yr left.. Ms Shonda still killed him off.. Hmm, I guess Ya Don't Mess With the Rhimes !! There are only a few originals left, now what?? They really do seem to be in love

Grey's Anatomy - I discovered this like 3 days ago (BIG MISTAKE BECAUSE I HAVE TWO DEADLINES NEXT WEEK AND IM NOT EVEN HALF WAY THROUGH THE FIRST) but anyway, it's a Shonda Rhimes (?) creation and I LOVE IT SO MUCH IT HURTS. McDreamy makes my heart go aflutter and obviously everyone is flawed + real and GAH. I have 10 years of TV to get through and I'm scared I'll just keep binging and not working until its finished.