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The wold was destroyed when the sun flares hit. Some of the major cities were saved for the people who were still healthy. Eventually even the most protected cities fell to the cranks who either drove all the healthy people to the wilderness or ate them.

post apocalyptic world The Poetic yet Terrifying Post Apocalyptic Art of Christophe Dessaigne

Post-Apocalyptic Art of Christophe Dessaigne

Christophe Dessaigne creates post apocalyptic art and photography depicting the end of the world as a terrible dystopia.

Writing inspiration #nanowrimo #ideas #postapoc The abandoned cities were run by gangs now.

The earth has been destroyed, the fighting has stopped, the old police force has been replaced with a new one. A brutal, creepy force dressed so you cannot see their eyes.

Jim Kazanjian-3

Hyper Collages of Black And White Architecture Photos

Jim Kazanjian-3

Minuto a minuto: Una nueva ola de violencia azota Ucrania – RT

The protests in Ukraine are spreading to other major cities. The capitol of Kiev has been home to major protests for two months after President Viktor Yanukovych rejected a trade deal with the European Union in favor of one with Russia.


The Nightmare. I can't help but feel to some degree that clowns, meant to entertain and bring joy to children, get a bum wrap from the horror industry.

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Mattepaint Piraeus Train Station done with photoshop in about 10 hours [link] Athens Piraeus Train Station

ArtStation - Winter , Faraz Shanyar

Faraz Shanyar added 6 new photos to the album: Spitpaints.