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the Nogg is the egg-shaped modern chicken coop houses chickens in an aesthetically pleasing way. If I ever wanted a chicken house then .

Okay so, maybe it won't make your ride a sanctuary, but the hens have a retreat of their own. New take on the meaning of "coupe"...

Funny pictures about Chicks Love a Man With a Nice Car. Oh, and cool pics about Chicks Love a Man With a Nice Car. Also, Chicks Love a Man With a Nice Car photos.

MODERN CHICKEN COOP With all the talk of chickens being kept as pets in urban areas, it's nice to know there's a modern chicken coop alternative.

Cocorico hen house by Maxime Evrard. With animal welfare first and foremost, Maxime has created something that even the messiest chicken wouldn’t deficate on.

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DIY Chicken Coop Plans & Ideas

Amazing idea for used wooden wire spools. Could be used for many small animals; bunnies, quail, chickens, pigeons, etc.

Hühnerhaus von nogg.co

The Nogg is a modern chicken coop that has been designed in the shape of an egg. Urban chicken keeping has become a growing trend, and The Nogg is designed to house chickens in an aesthetically pleasing coop to compliment any garden. dream-home

Modern, aesthetic chicken coop

Modern, Aesthetic Chicken Coop

Kippen House modern, green roof, garden roof chicken coops - OK, not exactly bag related but oh so fun and soon to keep a disgruntled husband busy building one for me.

I love this coop. The amount of space and ease of entry for getting in to clean, etc., and access to the nesting boxes from outside! We'd have to run the wire under the ground, as well to keep out the foxes and coyotes and the roof will keep out the coons! Love the idea of using sand as an insulator. Makes sense when you think about it!

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The Chicken Chick®: Virtual Tour de Coop. Large run and landscaping around coop. I will need to plan some landscaping around the coop for the ladies.