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Thomas Cole - The Voyage of Life 1st Series - Youth (oil on canvas, 1840)

John Constable - Hampstead Stormy Sky (oil on canvas, 1814)

Salvador Dali - Untitled ("Still Life with Lilies") (oil on canvas, 1963)

Diego Velazquez - Saint Thomas (oil on canvas, 1619-20?)

William Turner - Moonlight (oil on canvas, exhibited 1797)

Edouard Manet - The Waitress (oil on canvas, 1879)

Nicholas Roerich - Study of a Boy (oil on canvas, 1890s)

William Bouguereau - The Knitting Girl (oil on canvas, 1869)

Diego Velazquez - Self-Portrait (oil on canvas, 1643)

Salvador Dali - Pieta (oil on canvas, 1983)