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I know I've already pinned this, but he is SO BEAUTIFUL on such an ethereal level that I literally stop breathing for a moment when I look at pictures of him. Keep being handsome, Colin. Always be handsome.

Mesdames, vous saviez déjà que les barbus sont les plus beaux. Voici 21 photos qui le prouvent et qui vont sûrement vous émoustiller !

La barbe complète revient à la mode, après le bouc des années 90, et la moustache et les rouflaquettes des années 70-80. Évolution logique, vous me direz ! En Russie et en Angleterre, il y eut même pendant un moment un impôt sur la barbe. Le roi Henri VIII et le Tsar de Russie, eux même barbus, en avaient marre que tout le monde se mettent à les imiter, et voulaient réguler le nombre d'hommes barbus.

Thanks @Kelly Teske Goldsworthy Teske Goldsworthy Kubicek This a great pic! QUICK STORY: I was at the airport looking through magazine's and all of a sudden I see these eyes just like Haley I love you. And I was just like in my brain OMG EDDIE REDMAYNE HAS COME FOR ME ON THE COVER OF W MAGAZINE I then continued to squeal and squirm about shouting MUM MUM MUM LOOK WHO IT IS!!! It was a great moment.. you had to be there..

Robin Thicke . I want his pictures all over my bedroom walls.. Don't know how my husband would feel about that though lol

Definitive Proof Keanu Reeves Is Addicted To Playing Characters Named "John"

Johnny Utah, Point Break (1991) | Definitive Proof Keanu Reeves Is Addicted To Playing Characters Named "John"