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May 13, 2012 | Some mothers today in Palestine do not get gifts. Do not get flowers. Do not even get a kiss from their son for which they fear they even will not see them alive again. Mothers of Palestinian prisoners like Thaer Halahleh and Bilal Thiab, some of many detained without charges and in a hunger strike for human rights, dignity and a life in Justice. Those mothers did not receive a smile but a last letter from their dying sons. Their last wills…

Ben & Jerry’s is Selling Ice Cream in Israel’ Settlements in Palestine! TAKE ACTION - SIGN PETITION

(I previously revealed StandWithUs’ internal strategy for combatting Israel Apartheid Week, which began yesterday in the U.S.)

Roi Tov—a-Historical Victory of Palestine The State of Israel was forced to recognize the illegality of its actions to its own Supreme Court. The decision came after an unprecedented ruling of a seven-judge panel of the High Court of Justice+ on May 23, 2013. The Supreme Court ordered Mr. Weinstein to appear personally and explain the State's position on using a 1950 property law to confiscate east Jerusalem properties from Palestinians for the benefit of Jews and the State of Israel.

Israeli soldier holds little girl down with his foot - on her way to school - and points a gun at her face. #humanityLost

Freedom For Palestine* Check out the Map of Greater Israel at Google, they want all the Mideast.. stop the United States of Israel take back democracy *