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[...] says Bill Hajdu, a master Chinese astrologer based in Seattle whose website is onlinechineseastrology.com.  [...] he says, this is a Green Wood Year of the Sheep, the element of wood having a gentling effect on an already feminine and gentle beast.  Like the more familiar Western zodiac, the Asian one has 12 signs, each of which, tradition dictates, reigns for a lunar year beginning with the second new moon after the winter solstice.  Each year is also associated with one of five ...

Year of the Sheep will be softer, gentler

Year of the Sheep. Paper sculpture by Nadya Shakoor, Houston Chronicle.

OITNB Hand Lettered Print

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OITNB Hand Lettered Print , Hand Lettering , Typograhy Inspiration for Illustrators an Graphic Designers and CAPI Lettering Projects

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f99666a5f4e55762d7a44b29031f1c23--art-deco-typography-typography-fonts.jpg (236×333)


Sleeping Red Wolf by agentotter on deviantART *get this as a tattoo on my collar bone!

LESSON 2: Objective- After looking at Asian artists and pieces, create a piece of cut paper art using one of the many symbols important to that culture. Add a piece of colored paper underneath to finish the piece. Example: Koi II . Lisa Rodden

by Lisa Rodden. [Image 7 of Week: Oct – Nov I love the simplicity of this piece and how such simple cuts can yield such a great image. It reminds me off the book project and pop-up images. is creative inspiration for us. Get more photo about DIY …

Farewell Typeface designed by Marianela Grande

I can use this with new product development and designs. Hand written and hand drawnBBC rendering and proposals. This Font is a Crisp Tech Engaging. Interestingly it's called Farewell - Free Font