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Restoring the Daughters of Zion ~ Reaching Out... Building a Structure on a Strong Foundation

Elder Gabar discusses the Pentateuch Targum, Septuagint, Dead Sea Scrolls etc.

House of Konsciousness' Sa Neter says the Bible Is the Best Book for Our People's Liberation

True Jew News ~ ISIS... Destabilization of a Region plus the Vaccine Agenda {Part 6}

AfriSynergyNews ~ Hillary Clinton Undermining Governments from Libya to Syria through Terrorism!!!

Tie My Hands / Chayah Shawab featuring Robin Thicke {#HebrewMusic}

Retired Edomite Cop Speaks TRUTH on Police's Interactions & Attitude towards Us... Jacob Troubles!!!

True Jew News ~ CDC's Racist Eugenics Attack on Black Babies Exposed + Blacks are the New Terrorist

Gad's {so~called Native American} Archaeology ~ Simeon's Rebellion {so~called Dominican}

GOCC Law Class ~ Gentiles... the Gathering of All Nations {Part 2} finale'