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Campaign to discredit Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter

an example of how Cornelius Fudge used his influence to spearhead an attempt to discredit Dumbledore, just like Neville Chamberlain attempted to do to Winston Churchill regarding the "German menace"

Arguments Yard. Whitby Yard This is seriously Dickensian.

Spats that button into the britches at the knees... Yes indeedy, I can make that happen.

Everybody in the community thinks she disappeared..... I want to scream, "She LEFT!!!!!! She left on her own two feet! It was her choice!" But the odds of anyone hearing the little sisters voice are slim.

Comfortable, cozy, elegant Photography by Tobias Harvey

I picked up the newspaper that was sitting in the café. The front page headline read, "Young Man Missing". Being a curios person, I began reading the article. What I read next was so appalling that I needed confirmation. 'Sir," I said to the man behind the counter, "Would you please tell me this name right here?" I asked pointing to the paper as he gave me a strange look. "James McGee." He said. I dropped the paper and ran out of the café. A.L.M.

i mean, every day, i rock that style