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▶ Neanderthals and us | Natural History Museum - YouTube

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Twitter / HistoryNeedsYou: #history is about direction ...

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Twitter / Foongi: Great visit to human history ...

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Purposeful, or just an inclusion to be avoided in knapping? A seashell beautifully placed in a Palaeolithic tool (from the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge) Via @irish archaeology.

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21 Photos Of People Being Wonderful Throughout History

An American GI tends to the wounds of a German soldier while waiting for a medic 1944

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10 Things That Have Changed Since 1791

Votes for women

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49 Photos That Show How Fast The World Changes

A picture of unwanted babies for sale in 1940 Italy. 49 other pictures chronicling moments in history.

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Harpoon Counterweight - Old Bering Sea I culture. (100-400 AD) Alaska