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New York City at night time.. so beautiful

New York City at night time.

3 hours before sandy

3 hours before sandy

a blast from the past...:)

a blast from the past.

beautiful countryside of Puerto Rico

beautiful countryside of Puerto Rico

Bunny rabbit cotton ball dispenser. indoor-decor

This rabbit won’t mind you pulling it’s tail for some cotton balls. The irresistibly cute Cotton Tail Cotton Ball Dispenser.

I did

dont worry girl, you'll find the one who will ruin your lipstick and not your mascara

autumn - vineyard - Cotes de Saint Mont, France

Cotes de Saint Mont, France Get in. Get Wine. Premium Wines delivered to your door. Get my FREE Mini Course on pairing wine and food.

I am SO putting this in our yard for all the crazies driving down our street!!!

Good thing we live in the country.but i see it all the time.on the phone, texting.not paying attention! Parents pay attention and keep kids off the street.and drivers slow down please when you see kids playing!

Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgiving dinner


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