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GE Z-Wave Light Switch Not Working Check out the full project I recently tried replacing a light switch in my home. It's a single pole lightswitch controlling balcony lights no three way. The home wiring has two wires Black and Yellow. The black appears to be the hot wire and the yellow the neutral. There isn't a separate ground. The switch has load/line/neutral. There doesn't seem to be any combination of wires and terminals that get the switch active. Reinstalling the old switch works just…

Blue Paint Colors Meander Blue SW 6484 Pale Aqua Tropical Surf GLB13 A touch of gray makes this blue livable and it's smashing with medium wood tones, Soar 510A-1 On the ceiling gives an open air quality behr, High Tide 27B7 true value try this deep color on something small. Poolside B56-3 Pair this watery hue with a classic partner, pale yellow or caramel olympic

Need help with 3 way Switch update to Smart Switch Dimmer. Check out the full project So I have a challenge with a three way switch setup in my home. I must preface this by saying I live in Latin America and the home is not in anyway built to a United States Building Code standard as far as electricity goes.In my bedroom I have an overhead light that I want to switch to the GE Z-Wave Smart Switches.I have taken each switch out and realized the wires are not what you would expect from a…

We’re celebrating our 150th Anniversary with a look back at color palettes through the years, including this groovy decade, the 1970s. As the “Earth Movement” begins in earnest, earth tones dominate the era. Rusts, golds, browns and mustard yellows show up in fabrics, on walls and in appliances. Looking to add a ’70s vibe to your pad? Try Amber Wave SW 6657, Bakelite Gold SW 6368, Jute Brown SW 6096 and Avocado SW 2861.

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