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How I keep my #financial records http://www.thevahandbook.com/keep-financial-records/

Freelancers need to keep accurate financial records. Here is the two very simple systems I use for keeping my own expenses and client invoices.

How To Price Your Virtual Assistant Services. Figure out how to set your virtual assistant service rates, what factors make a difference and where to start.

How To Price Your Virtual Assistant Services

Want to put your proofreading skills to work but don't know how to start? This complete beginner's guide to proofreading jobs online will show you the way.

Proofreading Jobs Online -- Complete Beginner's Guide

Ready to start making money with your proofreading skills? Check out this complete beginner's guide to proofreading jobs online and get started today!

If you’ve decided to focus on working in your local area then it’s likely you’ll be networking at some point. However I can tell you from experience that you will be definitely be met with some blank stares when you tell people what you do! Although Virtual Assistance is becoming better known, to some people...  Read more »

Successfully explaining exactly what a Virtual Assistant does can be challenging but understanding how to network and promote your VA business is vital.

MiPow Playbulb Candle

MiPow Playbulb Candle