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Výsledek obrázku pro krampus masky

Klagenfurt Krampusnacht 2017 in Klagenfurt, Austria

A man dressed in a traditional Perchten costume and mask performs during a Perchten festival in the western Austrian village of Kappl on November 13, 2015. Each year in November and January, people in the western Austria regions dress up in Perchten (also known in some regions as Krampus or Tuifl) costumes and parade through the streets to perform a 1,500-year-old pagan ritual to disperse the ghosts of winter.

Krampus: The Dark Companion of Saint Nick

Silent night, scary night, Krampus creeps up to give you fright.

Modern Krampus festival participant in Germany

Krampus is a beast-like creature from the folklore of Alpine countries thought to punish children during the Yule season.

Perchten. Originally, the word Perchten (plural of Perchta) referred to the female masks representing the entourage of an ancient goddess, Frau Perchta, or Pehta Baba as it is known in Slovenia. Some claim a connection to the Nordic goddess Freyja, though this is uncertain.

Saint Nicholas may bring gifts to good boys and girls, ancient folklore in Europe's Alpine region also tells of Krampus, a frightening beast-like creature who emerges during the Yule season, looking for naughty children to punish in horrible ways.

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Krampus: Saint Nicholas' Dark Companion - In Focus - The Atlantic

Krampus: Saint Nicholas' Dark Companion - In Focus - The Atlantic. Maybe we have found the dark side of Christmas!

Krampuslauf Perchten München 2012

Krampuslauf Perchten München 2012

Krampus - i love myths and legends

The gruesome Krampus stomps through Christmas markets of Bavaria, scaring children. The hairy creature is a part of German Christmas tradition and comes out before St Nicholas on Dec. 5 and sets out to do dirty work by terrifying naughty children.