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How the Deaf Brain Rewires Itself to 'Hear' Touch and Sight

Note-Taker, an assistive technology that helps "low-vision and legally blind students take notes in class as quickly and effectively as their fully-sighted peers."

Turn it Down! How ear buds can lead to hearing loss. Children should wear over-the-ear headphones!

Surface Tension Water Experiment – Water Drops On A Penny

Water Surface Tension Experiment | STEM Challenge

STUDY: BRAIN STEM DAMAGE AND HEARING LOSS, head injury, #MTBI #TBI and other damage to the brain leading to hearing loss is a significant cause of deafness but often forgotten. There's also few solutions to aid hearing from brain damage and is little understood. #brain #damage #deaf #sensorineural #research #cranial

Michael Dorman, an ASU professor of Speech and Hearing Science, shares the sounds of cochlear implants and talks about his research into making them work better.