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Shanghai residents cool off in a swimming pool.  Oh no..with all that body heat.. that pool is no longer cool

CHINA, SUINING : This picture taken on July 2013 shows people trying to cool off at a water park in Suining, southwest China’s Sichuan province, as a heatwave hit several provinces in China.

Holidaymakers crowd a swimming pool, also known as "China's Dead Sea", on a scorching day in Daying county, Suining city, southwest China's Sichuan province China's largest and busiest swimming pool

Thousands of Chinese holidaymakers flocked to the world's most crowded swimming pool 'Dead Sea' to escape the scorching heatwave


Watch pics: China's man made 'dead sea', the most packed swimming pool in the world

piscinas públicas bañistas China

You Don't Even Want To Imagine What's In This Chinese Swimming Pool

4 juillet 2010. Plus de 13 provinces chinoises étaient frappées depuis plusieurs jours par des températures caniculaires, dépassant les 35 degrés. Le complexe aquatique de Daqing dans le Sichuan était une nouvelle fois pris d'assaut par les habitants.

Les Chinois se ruent à la piscine pendant les canicules

Residents crowd in a swimming pool to escape the summer heat during a hot weather spell in Daying county of Suining, Sichuan province China

chinese tourists, Dead Sea

chinese tourists, Dead Sea

Kalabalık, sıralı, renkli... - Yaşam-Genel - ntvmsnbc Foto Galeri

A humorous look at my attempt to cool down at a public pool in Japan. I get beat up by a water aerobics class and yelled at by a lifeguard.

Overloaded truck

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