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Stuffed animal case with bungee bars....great way to keep all those stuffed animals in the some sort of order!

Perfect for those big kids that have a zoo of stuffed animals. For all those stuffed animals Mimi will be buying.LOL - Basic directions for building a stuffed animal storage "zoo" from The Keeper of the Cheerios: Addies Zoo

Cute way to store stuffed animals  (BHG magazine)

cute idea to keep Statler's stuff animals on the shelf in his room creating a "stuffed animal zoo" using elastic straps.

According to L: Stuffed Animal Zoo

Stuffed Animal Zoo Tutorial- Tad thinks this is a terrible idea and he won't help me, so this will be quite the project for me!

Ben & Jenna will be getting a Zoo!

A good way to store stuffed animals. I remember this from several months ago and want to have it on-hand. The Keeper of the Cheerios: Addies Zoo - Futura Home Decorating

The Griffiths Garden: You are my inspiration... Pinterest.....*

The Griffiths Garden: DIY Stuffed Animal Zoo What a clever idea to store all the stuffed toys our kids Animals

Make a Dress Up Box for costumes and accessories. This has been a LIFESAVER for our girl's room.

DIY Dress-Up Box

A Dress Up Box! Not sure why it needs to be "just for girls" but I love the idea of a dress up box!

stuffed animal storage  on the hubby-do-list! For lil mans stuffed animals that he won't get rid of!

stuffed animal storage zoo on the hubby-do-list! For lil mans stuffed animals that he won't get rid of!

Toy storage, stuffed animal storage. Target baskets on removable hooks.

Playroom Storage for Large toys for Kids - Elegant Playroom Storage for Large toys for Kids, Bedroom Kids Storage solutions toddler toy Storage Playroom

Love it but how would I make it?

The toy "cage" Brad created from scratch to put all our our daughter's babies, stuffed animals, etc. He used 4 dowel rods and a bunch of bungee cords so that he could get his toys in and out with ease. Here it is with a bunch of her stuff in it.

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Yet another stuffed animal storage idea (yes, there are lots of stuffed animal collections out there!) THE ZOO Stuffed Animal Storage by Littlezookeepers