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Dustin Diamond a.k.a. Screech Powers from "Saved by the Bell" turns 36 years old today -- and to mark his special day, we're taking look at what the rest of the Bayside High kids are up to now!Dustin's definitely stayed in the spotlight since…

27 Things You Forgot You Missed About Summer In The '90s

The joy you got from being able to pick any movie you wanted from Blockbuster and then being able to stay up and watch it ANY night of the week. | 27 Things You Forgot You Missed About Summer In The ’90s

The 50 Greatest Discontinued '90s Foods and Beverages

Spice Girls Chupa Chups... just looking at them I remember exactly what they tasted like!

90's Saved by the Stud Costume Bayside Jacket & Wig

28 Ridiculously Cool Double Bun Hairstyles You Need To Try

Say goodbye to the half-up/half-down bun – double buns have officially taken over as the trendiest cool girl hairstyle of the season. It’s only fitting, considering how many other late 90’s/early 2000’s trends are considered stylish again. Double buns are also known as space buns, and they always make me think of my childhood obsession with the Spice Girls. They’re cute, fun, unique, and easy to do – and they’re also super versatile. As it turns out, there isn’t only one way to do space…

21 Worst Things About Not Living With Your Parents Anymore | Thought Catalog - I'm saving this for when they leave home - sniff :(