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Counting On activity where he has to fill in the missing numbers for each sequence

Refresh your approach to literacy lessons with this interactive activity exploring the forces of gravity and air resistance. #middleschool #readingcomprehension #gravity #airresistance

Al-Khaliq (The Creator) mini-books. This activity uses an 8.5" x11" sheet of paper folded into squares to make pages. On each page of the book, the kids draw/ color/ place stickers that tell about a different aspect of Allah being The Creator. First there was nothing, then Allah said "Be" and it was. He created the universe, the sun, stars, and moon. He created the plants and animals. He created all of mankind.

Farm Math & Literacy Worksheets & Activities

MEGA Math & Literacy Worksheets & Activities - Down on the Farm. 100 Pages in total!! A page from the unit: Count how many there are.

Who is Allah? Accordion Books. This activity was a combination of a few things: 1) Recalling the names and attributes of Allah that we had learned about, 2) Writing, and 3) Drawing. For the writing portion, my son told me in his own words a brief sentence for each page. I wrote his sentence on the board and then he copied it down into his book. #KGIslamicStudies #KGWriting #KGMiniBooks

Kids of the Ummah - children’s book & iPhone/iPad app have arrived! They are the first in a series of fun, educational apps & books which celebrate Muslim cultures around the world, encouraging exploration and understanding of the alphabet (English & Arabic), Muslim names, coloring, puzzles and engaging activities.