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Monkeys at Risk as Harvard Terminates Center: Op-Ed

Impressive hairdo! The cottontop tamarin is a native of Colombia and is critically endangered. The 1,500-individual-strong rhesus macaque colony and the collection of critically endangered cotton-top tamarins will need to be relocated (or potentially euthanized). Happy that the Voices of Countless Were Heard as Signatures on Petitions, but.... Euthanizing Should NOT BE an OPTION! They Did Not Volunteer To Be Experimented On & Tortured... Only to then Be Murdered!

Liszt, a cotton-top tamarin. Funny how these tiny primates always look at you askew...

Cotton Topped Tamarin (Saguinus oedipus), Colombia, one of the smallest New World primates at about 1 pound.

Pied Tamarin Saguinus bicolor - aka bare-faced tamarin, an endangered primate species found in a restricted area in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest. Conservation status EN Endangered