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Wednesday 11th March Odeon Leicester Sqaure, London Director: Robert Schwentke Insurgent - World Premiere cast Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Miles Teller, Jai Courtney

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Peter and Pearl on

People seem to forget that the clockwork droids are covered with human skin...the Doctor was wearing someone's actual face!

Seriously!?!? Divergent 2!?!?. Please, fellow fangirls, get your butterknives. Anybody know where Peter is? PETER! We have work to do...

Yes! And the person who casted that guy as peter!! He looks like he's 50!! No offence.. and I actually liked his character!! Ik he was a villain but still!!

watched this for the first time today and it is NOTHING like the book, i really enjoyed it tho

The first face Twelve sees<----one of the first thoughts I had after this scene.

I have to appreciate the fact that it says INTERVENTION in the back. Like "Derek we need to talk about your eyebrows. They're starting to scare small children. The first step to recovery is admitting that you look like a hot serial killer."

ladyaddison requested either Baby Deadpool and Peter or Clint with Baby Natasha, but since I already did the first one I decided to do the second :)Clint, just say no to babysitting! Art belongs to Crazyk-c

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Henry - dark and powerful. The power within seems to crackle around him conjuring the image of him being filled with power. Power to control earth, fire, wind and water