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11 Ideas on How to Clean Anything

From erasing carpet stains to restoring baking pans, this assortment of DIY tricks will get you to clean up easy. And when you’re done, the satisfaction of a spotless home just may make you change your mind about chores after all. With these cleaning hacks, say goodbye to wasting money on tons of harmful cleaning products and hello to a truly clean home!

L.A. Totally Awesome Cleaner. i buy this at General dollar $3 for the big container of it. I love it! Gets all my carpet stains out,laundry stains you name it!

carpet stains and heaps more, read the peoples comments, more tips! . I love white vinegar. It also helps to get rid of the moldy smell towels can have if you accidentally leave them in the washer too long. Just put a cup of white vinegar in after the washer has filled up with water and wash as normal. It gets rid of the smell.