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After a number of months in preparation the Valspring Group is pleased to announce the launch of our second product in “The Gardener’s Friends” line. TGF Mini-Loppers

2nd in our Features and Benefits series! If you break the blade (and the only reason to break the blade is to use it for a wire cutter, screwdriver or hammer!), you will find a hex nut which will unscrew with an Allen Wrench and the blade is replaceable. Contact us for a replacement blade.

Now available at in time for Christmas. This folding pruning saw is awesome for yard and garden use and is a great tools for the...

We quickly want to simply list many of the other great benefits, some of which may be found on other brands but our garden pruners include all of these. Take a look at the diagram to see all the features and benefits.

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How to Garden with a Busy Schedule - Advice for Busy People from Busy People

It all started when I began to experience difficulty with my hands. Just part of aging I guess! First it was numbness, then pain, then actual...

Our best selling product, TGF Ratchet Pruning Shears. More stocks available in Amazon. Link is not affiliate link. :)