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Interaction Design is dead: Moving towards Natural Design

Always liked the idea of tabs with an angled top side, however still not convinced there is a good reason to do this.

User interface inspiration

25 Gorgeous Material Design Interface Animations - UltraLinx

25 Gorgeous Material Design Interface Animations

Ineteraction Design, UI/UX,  Love the interactive elements of creating symptoms to the cute monster. It makes it fun for the user to create data instead of it being a chore.  A visual way to show menstration symptoms.

Ineteraction Design, UI/UX

55 Amazing Mobile App UI Designs with Ultimate User Experience - 12 Period Tracker - iPhone App by Dianna Su

UI/UX & web design for a mobile app which helps users lead a life of mindfulness.

UI/UX & web design for a mobile app which helps users lead a life of mindfulness.

The Functional Art: An Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization: Visualizing political shifts: Data and interaction design

The New York Times has just published a very nice visualization (or " Sankey diagram " ; thanks for the reminder, Len DeGroot ) about ho.

Interaction Design Sketches

Great concept visualisation of an app. Its a clear storyboard that demonstrates the kind of interaction that the designer wants for the user.


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How Do Your UX Skills Stack Up?

Use this Interactive Sundial of User Experience fields to assess your existing UX skills, background and experience and determine where your skill gaps are.

We developed an eye-catcher for the center of the booth. In fact, the whole booth concept was completely redesigned around this idea. We created an S-shaped interactive table, which encouraged casual meetings. Presentations were stripped down to playful and easy-to-understand iconic language. Our Service: Idea for presentation setting, story and dramaturgy, design, interface design and programming.

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