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Claw foot tub becomes a water feature, vessel for planting, or just a place to cool off!

) along/in the sadlle bench idea I am planning. Rubble from the patio demolition was used to create a dry well beneath the tub

Bath in garden (as pond) - Sandi Dumesnil you need this.

Bath pond - Maybe with some water-loving edibles in it? And some fishies?

eartheasy. The Homestead Survival - Homesteading -

Earth Easy website shares a step by step process of creating a claw foot cast iron outdoor hot soaking tub do it yourself project. What a great way to ease

water plants in a jar!

I absolutely love all the elements in this aquatic environment. The plants, driftwood, and fish are so perfect!

If space is limited, a small fountain, bubbling millstone or half-barrel or trough filled with water and aquatic plants can be a good option. Place your feature by a seat or close to the house where it will be visible from the window. When planting a miniature pool, take care to avoid vigorous plants and rely on small, compact plants like pygmy waterlilies.

Drawing Inspiration From Vacation: A Coastal-Themed Garden

Serene Water Feature Tiny water lilies float freely in this water-filled garden barrel, accented with pond plants and feathery foliage.

ol' tub in garden...great for container gardening...would also make a good pond and water fountain

This vintage bathtub is a fish pond, water lily garden and fountain.

i've always dreamed of finding an old stone fireplace in the middle of some woods, all that's left of a long-ago house, and building a beautiful patio to use it as an outdoor fireplace.   That would require building a house next to said patio too though...hmm...  "I used to be lost, but now I live here."

There is a secret door in a fireplace in the old lady's house. After going through the fire place with the secret door it leads the out of an old stone fireplace in the middle of some woods that leads them to the castle.