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Grumpy Gardener's Guide to Gardenias

How To Fix Crepe Murder

Larkspur will light up your garden with spikes of blue, lavender, pink or white flowers! More of the easiest seeds to start: http://www.bhg.com/gardening/yard/garden-care/easiest-seeds-to-start/?socsrc=bhgpin060913larkspur=6

The Easiest Seeds to Start

Larkspur - The easiest way to grow larkspur is to sprinkle the seeds in the garden in late winter or very early spring. The cool-season plants will sprout on their own. If you start seeds indoors, sow seed inch deep. They sprout in three to four weeks

Naturalistic Garden

Naturalistic Garden

FLOWERS THAT ATTRACT BEES Bright, showy flowers are magnets for bees. Add plants that bees love, and watch your garden become a favorite snack bar for these pollinators. Another way to make your yard a bee haven is to avoid spraying it with pesticides

Choose the right grasses for a gorgeous yard! More organic…

Organic Lawn-Care Basics l These environmentally friendly tips will keep your lawn green and healthy l BHG

The Plants - Paint the Fall with Color - Southernliving. Peter prefers seedlings over named selections because he wants plants that no one else has. All of his mums are seedlings. His numerous hostas, now cloaked in autumn gold, are seedlings, too, children of a hosta called 'Ryan's Big One.' Once during a garden-club visit, he told two ladies the name of the parent hosta. Peter recalls, "One of them said, 'He calls this plant 'Ryan's Big One,'' and the other woman said to her, 'I'd love to…

Picture-Perfect North Carolina Garden

Glorious leaves, flowers, and berries make this Asheville, North Carolina, garden picture-perfect.

Dreamy Hydrangeas Wendy's Rooting Tips: Tip 6  Your cutting can be left outside during autumn, when falling leaves will lightly cover it, providing insulation in cool weather. During winter, bring the cutting inside the garden shed or garage if temperatures dip into the low teens.

Dreamy Hydrangeas

Wendy's Rooting Tips: Tip 6 < Slide Show: Dreamy Hydrangeas - Southern Living

Enjoy Color All Season: The Back Garden

Enjoy Color All Season

The Back Garden - Enjoy Color All Season Takeaway Tip: For small gardens, choose compact selections of the plants you desire. Cathy uses 'Santa Barbara' Mexican bush sage (Salvia leucantha 'Santa Barbara') for this reason.

isn't this fun!!! i want one of those large potted plants for my walkway!

Driveway - potted hydrangeas - Southern Gothic Home - Furlow Gatewood Design - Veranda

Love this! It is exactly like the one we have at our house that trails across our white picket fence horizontally.

Reblooming Climb New Heights with Clematis.Jazz up your garden with Jackmanii clematis. Its royal purple petals cover the plant in early summer, and it blooms sporadically the rest of the growing season.

Front Yard - Enjoy Color All Season - Southernliving. Cathy Adams admits she was…

Enjoy Color All Season

Surrounded by lush beds and borders in bold hues, Cathy Adams' Birmingham garden pays homage to fall, her favorite time of year, with a landscape that


Dill attract beneficial insect (Lacewings, Ladybugs, Syrphid Fly and Parasitic Wasps). It smells fantastic in the garden and is good in potato salad, cucumber soup and fish dishes.

Grapefruit knife in a garden Изогнутое лезвие удобно для удаления сорняков в труднодоступных местах или в цветочных горшках

Gardening New Uses for Old Things

Grapefruit Knife as Weeder To remove weeds, use the curved blade in container gardens or tight spaces where traditional tools are too big for the job.

2011 CTC&G and WC&G Innovation in Design Winners

2011 CTC&G and WC&G Innovation in Design Winners

Blush™ Nandina domestica 'AKA' PVR pending. Obsession series 'Seika' ozbreed

The complete guide to Southern plants. Find practical gardening advice, tips, and information on all the classic plants of the South, including the