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James May RT ‏ “ This is still my favourite family photo. My mum did the "O". We told her we were going to write "Love"

Dance moms! Comics made by me! Will make more as soon as this reaches 50 repins :-)@RodéMarais! What do you guys think of this?should I make more!?!?!Please comment below

Comment if u think I should do more funny ones or comment if I should do just photos😋😏

It eats children

Why fat girls dont wear short tshirts. Fat girl thinks she is really hot, so gets a little confident and takes a picture of herself with a belly-top. fat girl belly f

Didnt care yesterday meme - http://jokideo.com/didnt-care-yesterday-meme/

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60 Funny Pics for Your Saturday

Some call it multi-taing, I call it doing something else while I try to remember what I was doing in the first place.

Offensive Quotes

Job & Work quote & saying 25 Hilarious Dirty Humor Quotes Humor. The quote Description 25 Hilarious Dirty Humor Quotes

Funny Pictures For Today #12

Funny Pictures For Today #12

21 Best GIFs Of All Time Of The Week #138 from best GOAT and Best of the Web

21 Best GIFs Of All Time Of The Week #138

The talented cat: I meditate, I do yoga, I chant... and I still want to smack someone!

Involuntary Pilates-knee jerk reaction to forced/court ordered exercise without consent. I'm livid! Stare at the face of resistance!